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It means a person's career in youth and help from siblings. It represents the fortune from age 17 to In body, it means chest and back. Month Pillar represents a person's Siblings Palace, as well as his parents and siblings in the original family. Generally, it means a person's fortune from age 16 to If the month pillar is remedy, it symbolizes the original family is well-off and his parents are successful in career. But if the month pillar belongs to an element against him, it means his parents are average or can only offer limited help. Day Pillar is flower, just like that in the nature.

Day Stem represent self while Day Branch means partner. It represents the gains and losses in middle age and the ups and downs of marriage It represents the fortune from age 33 to In body, it means waist and abdomen. Day Pillar represents self or partner and governs from age 32 to If the day stem or branch is restricted or in conflict, the person may part for ever with his partner - especially when the month branch is also in conflict.

Four Pillars of Destiny

If it is self punishment, the person will suffer from misfortunes, mostly casualty and danger. When the month branch is remedy, it means the partner will be helpful and from a well-off family and the two can enjoy a happy marriage; also, the person will be quite blissed and successful in career from age 32 to If the day branch belongs to an element against him, it means a less satisfactory partner, a poorly off family or an unhappy marriage and things will go contrary to his wishes.

About the Four Pillars of Destiny

Hour Pillar is fruit, just like the fruit of flowers and trees. It represents Children Palace. It means a person's honor and disgrace in old age and the wisdom of his children. It represents the fortune from age 48 to In body, it means legs and feet. The stem and branch of hour pillar represents children and the old age after If the hour stem or branch is restricted or in conflict, it suggests the person or his children will suffer from harmful things; if it is self punishment, the person will suffer from misfortune and casualty.

When the hour pillar is remedy, it represents filial children, successful career and peaceful later years; if the hour pillar belongs to an element against him, it suggests the unfilial children who may go against him, not to mention the peace in later years. Each of the Four Pillars represents a different aspect of life and it is pretty hard to tell which is more important, because every pillar is equally important.

Depending on the doubt of a person, however, different pillars are focused on. To learn about future partner, day pillar shall be chosen to analyze; to learn about the luck in old age, the right approach is to start from hour pillar. A comprehensive consideration is needed to see which pillar is the most important. Similarly, a person's eight characters shall be evaluated comprehensively to determine whether it is good or bad.

Chinese Calendar. Chinese astrology can also be used to select the most suitable date for the action that you may want to take, e. Compatibility of business partners and prospective marriage partners can also be analysed. Health Four Pillars of Destiny analysis can show which organs of the body are strong or vulnerable, but a medical diagnosis should never be made by an astrologer unless they are also a licensed medical doctor or accredited traditional chinese medical practitioner.

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Analysing The five elements and their interaction in the stems, branches and with the DM must be analysed. The polarity Yin or Yang of the element must also be considered. The chart type must be identified. According to the month season that someone is born a DM must usually be defined as strong or weak. This has nothing to do with the strength or weakness of someone's character. Usually what is weak in a chart is most desirable and what is strong is least desirable.

However, each chart must be treated on its own merit. When we talk about seasons we are not talking about local climate. In chinese metaphysics whether it is feng shui, traditional chinese medicine or four pillars of destiny, when we talk about seasons and five elements we are talking about universal energy, tangible and intangible. When it is said that someone is born in the summer season, it means they were born in a month when the universal energy of fire and earth was strong regardless of where they were born in the world.

Some special charts are so unique that one cannot use conventional rules for them and they must be analysed differently. Due to all the variables, computer software cannot be developed to do comprehensive interpretations. This is why Four Pillars of Destiny is considered an art.

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After adjustment to true local time, the birth time becomes 15h The heavenly stem in the day pillar is the day master DM. The day master is born in the month of the snake when fire and earth are strong. There is one yin fire and one yang fire to support the earth day master. There are two metals, four water and three wood to drain and control the DM.

Suffice to say that when we take the life stages of the elements in this chart into account, earth and fire still come out the strongest. The summer fire season is hot and dry and this chart needs moisture. The yang water in the stems as well as the water roots in the branches are available and this becomes the most favourable element for the day master. During years and luck pillars when water appears the day master will be able to achieve well and luck will be on his side.

Metal is favourable. He already has too much earth in his chart so in years and luck pillars when earth appears, he should not take unnecessary risks because luck will not be on his side. Wood and fire are unfavourable. This day master is diligent, but a little unorganised. He is trustworthy and broadminded. He is stubborn and should work on having empathy for others. He will be tempted to work in a competitive environment, but this would be a mistake.

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He should avoid partnerships in business - it will not have a good ending. He will be most successful in a career where he can make use of his communication skills. Wealth is his friend, but he has competitors who want to compete with him for it. He is capable of finding a good woman and he treats her as an equal. An independent woman who does not suffocate him with doting support would be a good wife for him.

Month Pillar

He should try not to be so stubborn and show more sympathy, then his relationship will be good. He is capable of doing well in his career and his relationship with his subordinates and children are very good. His parents showed him discipline and gave him good support, but the relationship is not a close one. He comes from a fairly good family background and he interacts well with society at large. His early life is filled with challenges and he feels overly supported - this leads to feeling suffocated.

He also has friends and rivals who compete fiercely with him and this causes stress. In his late teens until his late twenties life is pretty mundane, but good to him - there are not many ups and downs. Between late twenties and late thirties he has more challenges to face but they are not insurmountable. His real good luck comes later in life, in his late forties and this good fortune continues into old age.

His golden years are good, peaceful and he will have few regrets. This is an overall view of a chart - a lot more detail can be seen when annual luck pillars are taken into account. The co-operation of the client with the astrologer is very important.